Cats and Dogs – Developing Charisma

Cats and Dogs Course Description:

Text: Charisma-The Art of Relationships, author Michael Grinder

This one day workshop provides participants with advanced skills for establishing and developing relationships in order to more effectively manage hard-to-reach, resistant students, parents, and co-workers.

In this workshop participants learn how to:

  1. Recognize, understand, and interpret  the “cat” and “dog” behaviors in ourselves and others
  2. Increase one’s own ability to appear non-verbally intelligent, credible, and respectful
  3. Operate and manage situations from either our  “Position” or our “Person”
  4. Apply NINE LIVES (9 basic skills) for managing difficult and resistant students
  5. Use CATNIP (6 advanced skills) for becoming a charismatic teacher/manager
  6. Know which conflicts not to try to resolve
  7. Lure and entice resistant “cats” into relationship, cooperation, and team membership
  8. Implement workshop practices
  9. Use the text resources for continued job-embedded study and professional development

Accountability: Every skill addressed in this workshop can be enhanced with on-going practice, coaching feedback, and job-embedded professional cadre study.  A & J Educational and Professional Consulting, therefore, provides strongly a menu of choices for sustainability, accountability, and professional growth as a result of this workshop.