Creating Positive Atmosphere in Common Spaces

Course Description:

The first thing that parents and kids notice when they walk into a school is the overall atmosphere. How common spaces run affects the entire culture of learning.  These spaces include:

  •  Cafeteria
  •  Hallway
  •  Playground
  •  Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Using the skills from both  ENVoY and A Healthy Classroom, our Common Spaces Consulting can include a full-day workshop highlighting the how-tos and the important components of creating positive change in the common spaces. After the session, optional support is provided with implementation, on-site coaching, and follow-up reflection and refinement sessions.

Excerpt from a recent note from participant: “The hallways at our school are so quiet. We have come aboard the ENVoY ship – and we are happy campers!  Thank you so much for guidance and support.”

Course Overview:

Section 1:  A Look at Systems and Routines

Well run common spaces can be compared to an airport- they both need to move large amounts of people through many transitions in a very short amount of time.  This portion of the workshop takes teams/participants through a step-by-step process of analyzing the routines set up for students and the systems followed by adults.  We assess the clarity and effectiveness of the important transitions that occur in each area.  Using the ENVoY skills of Exit directions and systematic locations, we work to add or strengthen systems that teams have in place.

Section 2:  Group Management Skills

There are nine skills crucial to managing the large groups of students that pass through/utililize the shared spaces in school buildings.  Participants learn and practice the skills that support effective communication.  We also learn how to strategically use the management skills as a team to make managing so many students easier.  We pull skills from both ENVoY and A Healthy Classroom to teach participants the best way to monitor students as well as how to get and keep attention of individuals and large groups.

Section 3:  Important Variables to Consider

In section three we learn six variables that affect team success.  Knowing these variables allows teams to adjust strategies and plans based on their situation.  Some variables that are included discussed are team functioning and leadership, as well as reward and discipline systems.  Again, both ENVoY and A Healthy Classroom strategies help learners understand how to refine their team functioning while tailoring strategies to the specific needs of their particular group.