ENVoY Coaches’ Lab Week

Course Description:

Train your own ENVoY coaches with A & J and provide your district or school years of ENVoY sustainability!

Here’s how we do it!

This week long intensive training is your answer to creating a school or district’s long-term sustainability of ENVoY practices. 

Results are

  • Twelve expertly trained building or district coaches.
  • Increased knowledge of ENVoY’s refinements and research.
  • Intense on-site coaching that reinforces skill building to observed teachers.
  • Increased ENVoY program visibility in 3 lab site schools.
  • Mastery of ENVoY’s non-threatening protocols for coaching and implementation.
  • Capacity to maintain ENVoY’s presence within a school or district.

What Happens During Lab Week?

ENVoY’s 4 day Lab Week helps coaching candidates acquire the skills they need to assist teaching peers. The goal is to use peer coaching as an on-site process to reinforce and increase a teacher’s use of ENVoY classroom management techniques. ENVoY’s use enhances a student’s capacity to learn and results in improved teacher/student relationships.

Twelve to fourteen coaching candidates, in four teams of three, rotate through three selected campuses, visiting each campus for a day.  On the first two days, the teams watch and learn from two A & J mentor coaches as they visit five to six classrooms per day.  Only the mentor coaches give teacher feedback during these days.  On the third day, the teams will be assisted by the mentor coaches with feedback content, and then the mentor coaches immediately give the feedback to the observed teachers with the coaching help of the two mentor coaches.  During these 3 days, teams not with the mentor coaches on every other rotation practice their observation and recording skills while observing a teacher for fifteen minutes then leaving the classroom.  No feedback is given to teachers who are visited without the mentor coaches on Days One, Two or Three.

The format changes on Days Four and Five.  Newly trained teams are now qualified to give teachers feedback.  The training teams set their own schedules for these two days by phone requests with individual teachers on Wednesday night.  The mentor coaches then shadow the teams as they practice coaching on their own on Day Four and the morning of Day Five.

In addition to school site coaching sessions, A & J mentor coaches provide direct instruction for new content each day to all coaches in training for forty-five minutes before school each morning, for an hour after school each afternoon, and all afternoon on Day 5.  Attendance at these content sessions is required.

At the end of the training, your new on-site ENVoY coaches will be trained, certified, and ready to coach!

Tuition Fee:  $1600.00

This covers tuition, supplies, (coaches manual and chair) and trainers travel & expenses. Due to the nature of ENVoY Coaches Lab Weeks, A & J must order materials, plan travel in advance, and coordinate extensively with coaching sites.  In the event of participant cancellation, registration fees are non-refundable.