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http://www.aravit.co.uk/trening/151 “Jan and Adrian make a fabulous team! Their combined 58 years of classroom experience makes their ENVoY Training and Coaching genuine and authentic. They offer the much needed strategies for making the classroom a calmer, more productive and healthy learning environment.”– Michael Grinder, ENVoY Founder, Vancouver, WA

http://atelierdeschimeres.fr/copyright-severine-pineaux/ “ENVoY is a program that has instant results in the classroom. Veteran teachers are in awe of how well it works. The training with the embedded follow-up coaching is what makes this program so successful.” – Nancy Bush-Lange, 2010 Oregon High School Principal of the Year

http://trishiaart.com/25385-buy-restasis-eye-drops-online-india.html “Jan and Adrian are master trainers! Their depth of classroom and corporate experiences, and their skillful presentation and personal styles make them a delight to work with. We at Knowledge Arts Foundation appreciate their professionalism and recommend them without reservation to anyone looking for outstanding trainers, coaches, or mentors for their staffs and managers!” – Mary Yenik, Co-Founder & Board Member, Knowledge Arts Foundation, Houston, TX

rocky mountain dating “Using ENVoY in our middle school has made an immediate and noticeable difference. Discipline referrals have decreased by 50 percent! This is the best school year ever.” – B. Madison, Principal, George MS, Portland, OR

site de rencontre avec cam gratuit et sans inscription “My students and I are happier because classroom management has become a simple matter of calm consistency, rather than a continuous aggravating conflict.” – R. Winn, Teacher, George MS, Portland, OR

https://photamerica.com/1312-dte55089-35-years-for-dating-a-drug-dealer.html “I love the follow-up coaching! The feedback really helped and that made a huge difference.” – N. Dupuy, Teacher, Hartman MS, Houston, TX

http://www.gladandthemox.com/1634-dte55171-free-no-credit-card-needed-online-dating.html “Students respond more to non-verbal communications. I talk less, am more visual and my students have become more focused and self-sufficient.” – V. Moore, Hartman MS, Houston, TX

“The biggest change is that it saves my voice and simplifies my life. It just works!” – C. Sessions, Gregg Elementary, Houston, TX