Arizona District Moves Forward with ENVoY

imp source The Coolidge Unified School District in Arizona began the 2013-14 school year with high expectations for improved student achievement and a positive staff approach by implementing ENVoY non-verbal student management in every classroom.  Three schools in the district began ENVoY implementation in 2012, and this fall the district is making good on its commitment to expand ENVoY into every classroom throughout the district.

next page In July, 7 schools staffs attended ENVoY training and learned how to increase time for content, engagement and productivity, and how to reduce time spent lost on management and off-task student behaviors.  A & J will return monthly throughout the school year to observe and coach all teachers and support district efforts to build sustainability of the ENVoY model. “Last year’s data was impressive, showing that teachers who used the 7 Gems routinely saved between 5 and 9 days worth of time for content in comparison to those teachers who did not use the same skills to manage students,” noted A & J consultant, Jan Howell-Spiesman. “We are certain, based on past data, these results will repeat themselves as CUSD builds an even greater capacity for ENVoY this school year,” Howell-Spiesman added. (Click here to see data reports from 2012-13.) CUSD is poised to be a standout in Arizona. It is the first Arizona school district to include ENVoY in its classrooms, and already the district is receiving much attention. A & J Educational and Professional Consulting will do 2 guest presentation sessions at the Pinal County Educators Conference on September 20 and have had several districts requesting more information to date. If you would like to know more about ENVoY, how your school can improve student achievement with fewer discipline incidents and increase outstanding student participation and engagement, contact or call Jan at 360-798-2800 today. The results of this model are immediate, so don’t wait another day to begin elevating your school to stellar status!

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