CUSD Data Reveals ENVoY Benefits

In 2012-13 the Coolidge Unified School District in Coolidge, Arizona collected data on ENVoY training, implementation, benefit results, and teacher satisfaction from 1 elementary, 1 middle school, and 1 high school pilot program within the district.

Each school staff participated in a 2 day ENVoY 7 Gems training before school began in August 2012, was supported with monthly individual teacher coaching, and improved accuracy and implementation of the 7 Gems and Refinement skills through regular cluster/staff meetings throughout the school year. Additionally, the elementary principal and high school assistant principal, as well as the Assistant Superintendent and District Curriculum Director were trained and certified as ENVoY coaches in first steps for developing sustainability of the model within the district.

A & J Educational and Professional Consulting, LLC served the district as trainers, coaches, video/data consultants during the pilot phase. As a result of the data findings, A & J was ask to return in 2013-14 to help CUSD expand the model district-wide.

Highlights of the data and results for the 3 schools, Heartland Ranch Elementary, Hohokam Middle School, and Coolidge High School, using ENVoY in 2012-13 confirmed the following:

my website I. When teachers who used ENVoY were compared to those who did not…

  • Discipline referrals by classroom teachers dropped between 14 and 44% on every campus.
  • Individual teachers saved up to 5.65 rencontres catholiques dating in houston singles days managing students into attention and focus, thus providing this time for teaching and learning instead.
  • Individual teachers saved up to 3.25 femmes mures photos days managing students into independent practice and maintaining productivity.
  • In every instance, teachers who used ENVoY skill Gem 4 with Refinement techniques had classrooms where more students were productive and socialized less than in classrooms where teachers did not use the same skills.
  • Monthly coaching resulted in improved accuracy and implementation of best site every ENVoY Gem skill on helpful resources all 3 campuses.
  • Teachers at rencontrer bb brunes all 3 campuses were receptive to ENVoY coaching, with 94%-100% per site reporting they tried to implement coaching suggestions.

II.  Based on K-12 teacher surveys given in May to teachers who had been trained, coached, and admitted to using ENVoY at least some of the time, the following responded “YES” when asked if they had:

  • 78-94% better classroom control
  • 70-94% fewer requests to repeat directions
  • 74-100% more time on curriculum, less time on management
  • 78-94% fewer verbal conflicts
  • 74-100% easier to get and keep students’ attention
  • 70-100% faster, easier transitions
  • 74-100% increased student productivity
  • 74-94% easier to manage difficult students with Influence rather than Power
  • 70-94% used less verbal management
  • 70-94% easier to preserve student/teacher relationships
  • 63-88% increased overall academic performance
  • 74-94% calmer learning environment
  • 70-94% increased overall student focus
  • 67-94% increased student engagement
  • 74-94% saw positive difference in how they manage students

Contact or call Adrian Walker at  360-903-7348 for more information or to request access to the complete data reports by school.

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