ENVoY Introduced in Las Vegas High School

sunrise_mountainCongratulations to teachers and administrators at Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, Nevada! On January 23 and February 21, 2012 approximately 70 staff participated in an introductory training of the ENVoY 7 Gems.  Included with other important initiatives to improve student achievement at Sunrise, many of the Mountaineer staff are ready to begin including non-verbal and visual management of students.

Principal John Barlow, working with over 100 teachers, opened Sunrise, one of Clark County’s newest campuses 2 years ago. Barlow has high expectations for student achievement, and realizes the priority and need for a respectful, yet effective, consistent and systematic classroom management model for the 2,000 plus students who attend. In order to support staff implement the 7 Gems and Refinement skills, monthly job-embedded coaching is being provided for many teachers.

A&J are pleased to be able to support Sunrise Mountain High School in their ENVoY process! Congratulations again, SMHS Staff and Administrators!

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