Principal Says, “This is my Dream! by Adrian Walker

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Recommended Site Lucile Greg Elementary Principal David Jackson wasn’t sure if his staff and teachers from two additional area schools would take him up on his invitation to return for a second ENVoY workshop held on January 30.  “I haven’t received any RSVPs,” he told ENVoY trainer Adrian Walker just before the workshop was scheduled to begin. But his worry turned to excitement as the original 50 participants who had attended the November workshop arrived along with many others. There was a flurry of setting up additional tables and chairs and, by starting time, 84 educators were ready to learn! “This is awesome! This is my dream,” Jackson told Walker as the workshop began. Frozen-Hand-refinementThe two ENVoY “combined-cadre workshops,” as Jackson has named them was his initial attempt in an effort to accomplish two goals. First, he wanted to restore life into the ENVoY non-verbal classroom management model Greg had once enjoyed as a certified ENVoY school. “We have so many new staff and haven’t sustained our ENVoY with building coaching. We need to use ENVoY because we know it helps our students stay focused and learn better,” he noted.
In addition, Jackson, known for his supportive attitude and creative problem-solving skills, aspired to establish a professional development model whereby local neighborhood schools could combine their meager budgets in effort to get “quality training” for staffs. “I didn’t know if this would work, but it is wonderful!” he said. From past experience with Walker as an ENVoY trainer, he knew participants would get an engaging workshop that offered practical and effective skills for teachers to return to their classrooms to use.

their explanation fun-learning-ENVoYJackson is planning for additional ENVoY training and building coaching support this coming August after summer break. He hopes his “combined” model will continue to be the answer for his “professional development cadre” schools!  He wants ENVoY alive and well in every classroom of Greg Elementary! Congratulations, Principal Jackson, on your leadership and vision!

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