CUSD Data Reveals ENVoY Benefits

In 2012-13 the Coolidge Unified School District in Coolidge, Arizona collected data on ENVoY training, implementation, benefit results, and teacher satisfaction from 1 elementary, 1 middle school, and 1 high school pilot program within the district.

Each school staff participated in a 2 day ENVoY 7 Gems training before school began in August 2012, was supported with monthly individual teacher coaching, and improved accuracy and implementation of the 7 Gems and Refinement skills through regular cluster/staff meetings throughout the school year. Additionally, the elementary principal and high school assistant principal, as well as the Assistant Superintendent and District Curriculum Director were trained and certified as ENVoY coaches in first steps for developing sustainability of the model within the district.

A & J Educational and Professional Consulting, LLC served the district as trainers, coaches, video/data consultants during the pilot phase. As a result of the data findings, A & J was ask to return in 2013-14 to help CUSD expand the model district-wide.

Highlights of the data and results for the 3 schools, Heartland Ranch Elementary, Hohokam Middle School, and Coolidge High School, using ENVoY in 2012-13 confirmed the following:

I. When teachers who used ENVoY were compared to those who did not…

  • Discipline referrals by classroom teachers dropped between 14 and 44% on every campus.
  • Individual teachers saved up to 5.65 days managing students into attention and focus, thus providing this time for teaching and learning instead.
  • Individual teachers saved up to 3.25 days managing students into independent practice and maintaining productivity.
  • In club rencontre la roche sur yon every instance, teachers who used ENVoY skill Gem 4 with Refinement techniques had classrooms where more students were productive and socialized less than in classrooms where teachers did not use the same skills.
  • Monthly coaching resulted in improved accuracy and implementation of rencontre gay lieusaint every ENVoY Gem skill on 100 free dating site in pakistan all 3 campuses.
  • Teachers at find out all 3 campuses were receptive to ENVoY coaching, with 94%-100% per site reporting they tried to implement coaching suggestions.

II.  Based on K-12 teacher surveys given in May to teachers who had been trained, coached, and admitted to using ENVoY at least some of the time, the following responded “YES” when asked if they had:

  • 78-94% better classroom control
  • 70-94% fewer requests to repeat directions
  • 74-100% more time on curriculum, less time on management
  • 78-94% fewer verbal conflicts
  • 74-100% easier to get and keep students’ attention
  • 70-100% faster, easier transitions
  • 74-100% increased student productivity
  • 74-94% easier to manage difficult students with Influence rather than Power
  • 70-94% used less verbal management
  • 70-94% easier to preserve student/teacher relationships
  • 63-88% increased overall academic performance
  • 74-94% calmer learning environment
  • 70-94% increased overall student focus
  • 67-94% increased student engagement
  • 74-94% saw positive difference in how they manage students

Contact or call Adrian Walker at  360-903-7348 for more information or to request access to the complete data reports by school.

Arizona District Moves Forward with ENVoY

The Coolidge Unified School District in Arizona began the 2013-14 school year with high expectations for improved student achievement and a positive staff approach by implementing ENVoY non-verbal student management in every classroom.  Three schools in the district began ENVoY implementation in 2012, and this fall the district is making good on its commitment to expand ENVoY into every classroom throughout the district.

In July, 7 schools staffs attended ENVoY training and learned how to increase time for content, engagement and productivity, and how to reduce time spent lost on management and off-task student behaviors.  A & J will return monthly throughout the school year to observe and coach all teachers and support district efforts to build sustainability of the ENVoY model.

“Last year’s data was impressive, showing that teachers who used the 7 Gems routinely saved between 5 and 9 days worth of time for content in comparison to those teachers who did not use the same skills to manage students,” noted A & J consultant, Jan Howell-Spiesman. “We are certain, based on past data, these results will repeat themselves as CUSD builds an even greater capacity for ENVoY this school year,” Howell-Spiesman added. (Click here to see data reports from 2012-13.)

CUSD is poised to be a standout in Arizona. It is the first Arizona school district to include ENVoY in its classrooms, and already the district is receiving much attention. A & J Educational and Professional Consulting will do 2 guest presentation sessions at the Pinal County Educators Conference on September 20 and have had several districts requesting more information to date.

If you would like to know more about ENVoY, how your school can improve student achievement with fewer discipline incidents and increase outstanding student participation and engagement, contact or call Jan at 360-798-2800 today. The results of this model are immediate, so don’t wait another day to begin elevating your school to stellar status!

Principal Says, “This is my Dream!

by Adrian Walker


Lucile Greg Elementary Principal David Jackson wasn’t sure if his staff and teachers from two additional area schools would take him up on his invitation to return for a second ENVoY workshop held on January 30.  “I haven’t received any RSVPs,” he told ENVoY trainer Adrian Walker just before the workshop was scheduled to begin. But his worry turned to excitement as the original 50 participants who had attended the November workshop arrived along with many others. There was a flurry of setting up additional tables and chairs and, by starting time, 84 educators were ready to learn! “This is awesome! This is my dream,” Jackson told Walker as the workshop began.

Frozen-Hand-refinementThe two ENVoY “combined-cadre workshops,” as Jackson has named them was his initial attempt in an effort to accomplish two goals. First, he wanted to restore life into the ENVoY non-verbal classroom management model Greg had once enjoyed as a certified ENVoY school. “We have so many new staff and haven’t sustained our ENVoY with building coaching. We need to use ENVoY because we know it helps our students stay focused and learn better,” he noted.
In addition, Jackson, known for his supportive attitude and creative problem-solving skills, aspired to establish a professional development model whereby local neighborhood schools could combine their meager budgets in effort to get “quality training” for staffs. “I didn’t know if this would work, but it is wonderful!” he said. From past experience with Walker as an ENVoY trainer, he knew participants would get an engaging workshop that offered practical and effective skills for teachers to return to their classrooms to use.

fun-learning-ENVoYJackson is planning for additional ENVoY training and building coaching support this coming August after summer break. He hopes his “combined” model will continue to be the answer for his “professional development cadre” schools!  He wants ENVoY alive and well in every classroom of Greg Elementary! Congratulations, Principal Jackson, on your leadership and vision!

National Middle School Conference

National Middle School ConferenceOver 4000 Educators, from across the United States, Canada and internationally, attended the National Middle School Conference in Portland Oregon November 8-10th official source Jan Howell Spiesman, A & J Educational & Professional Consultingpresented the  ENVoY model  along with Beth Madison Principal  and Katy Wagner West, Teacher at Robert Gray School in Portland Public Schools.

Coaches Week 2012

Coaches Week Experiences
By Adrian Walkercoach_week_2012

Congratulations to newly trained ENVoY Coaches! Houston, Texas and Portland, Oregon were recent sites for A&J’s annual ENVoY Coaches’ Week trainings.  Twenty-three teachers, administrators, and Title I coordinators participated in two extensive 4 and 5 day professional development trainings in October and November.

Coaches week trainings are designed to help participants learn and master 14 ENVoY observation and feedback strategies that support teachers in their efforts to build non-verbal management skills for use with students.  The use of ENVoY skills enhances student focus, engagement, and productivity for learners in grades K-12. Participants visited elementary, middle, and high school campuses throughout the week and observed approximately 30 classrooms. This hands-on approach to training ENVoY coaches is the unique design of Michael Grinder, founder of ENVoY.

Kathy Wagner-West, a Portland Public Schools instructor, said, “I am excited to share my new skills with teacher candidates and colleagues to coach them in improving their own management. I also will be more aware of my own use of ENVoY in my classroom.”

Attending administrators also learned how they can build a model for ENVoY sustainability within their district and schools. “Overall, it was an amazing week! I learned a great deal about coaching and how to help my school move in a positive direction,” noted Principal Jessie Arroyos, Queen Creek, AZ.

Newly certified ENVoY coaches who attended the Portland, Oregon training were Katy Wagner-West, Kendall Jensen and Lisa Knudsen (Portland, OR), Dustin Clark (Clatskanie, OR), Jessie Arroyos, Jessica Miller, Patricia Jimenez, and Maria Ethier (Coolidge, AZ),  Sarah Brown, Phillip Wendell, Debbie Robison, and Karen Douglass (Stevenson/Carson, WA).

Houston participants were Kathy Stallings (Knowledge Arts Foundation), Alicia Wynn, Kimberly Phillips, Traci Lightfoot, Sonia Smith, Renee Ricca, Lindsey Pollock, Janie O’Conor, Betty Garcia, Dontee Lewis, and Gretta Yeager (all of Houston ISD, Houston,TX). Special appreciation goes to Knowledge Arts Foundation and Mary Yenik for hosting  ENVoY’s  training days in Houston.

Learn more about ENVoY Coaches’ Week trainings and how your district can improve student instruction by using a management model designed to improve not only behavior but academic performance!  Contact Jan Howell-Spiesman at 360-798-2800 or email Jan at today!

ENVoY Introduced in Las Vegas High School

sunrise_mountainCongratulations to teachers and administrators at Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, Nevada! On January 23 and February 21, 2012 approximately 70 staff participated in an introductory training of the ENVoY 7 Gems.  Included with other important initiatives to improve student achievement at Sunrise, many of the Mountaineer staff are ready to begin including non-verbal and visual management of students.

Principal John Barlow, working with over 100 teachers, opened Sunrise, one of Clark County’s newest campuses 2 years ago. Barlow has high expectations for student achievement, and realizes the priority and need for a respectful, yet effective, consistent and systematic classroom management model for the 2,000 plus students who attend. In order to support staff implement the 7 Gems and Refinement skills, monthly job-embedded coaching is being provided for many teachers.

A&J are pleased to be able to support Sunrise Mountain High School in their ENVoY process! Congratulations again, SMHS Staff and Administrators!

Adrian’s Story


site here MY STORY… by Adrian Walker

How I Found The Magic!

During my 22nd year of teaching high school English and Spanish, I was asked to attend an ENVoY 7 Gems Classroom Management training with its founder, Michael Grinder.  Now, I’d always had great student relationships and, other than some challenging students, I didn’t really have “discipline” or “management” issues.

My school district, however, had introduced ENVoY at the elementary level and since it was working so well, administrators wanted to see if it would do the same at the secondary level.  I alone was asked to pilot ENVoY in my classroom and report the results.

At first I flatly refused.  I was a popular, credible and respected teacher in a large urban high school and saw this as “just another thing to have to do”. Changing my management style was a scary thought…things were “working” for me!  But, certainly, I was tired and burned out. Teaching didn’t have the “pleasure” it once had and there were challenging students that often sucked the energy from me on a daily basis.  Since it was a “favor” to the district, and I figured I had nothing to lose, I finally and reluctantly agreed.  I took the 7 Gems training in October 2000, returned to my classroom, tried one newly learned skill, and the rest is history!

I learned that “Management is not discipline.  Management has no consequence, discipline does.”  I came to realize that every time I gave a direction; sit down, take out your book, turn to page 8, stop talking & listen, turn in your paper here, get a partner, let me have your attention, bring your materials to class, remain silent, get to work, look up here, don’t argue with me, and a thousand other directives…I was managing, not disciplining and not teaching.   Did some of those management directions turn into “discipline” or lost time for teaching?  You bet. Guess what? I was “getting hooked”!

In college, I was trained to be a teacher not a manager.  But ENVoY clarified WHY some students always had to have the last word and why some never had a clue about what I had said or seemed to be defiant!  It was instantly clear…I was managing auditory and kinesthetic learners VERBALLY rather than NON-VERBALLY.  Voila’—learning exactly when and how to use or not use my voice, eyes, body, and breathing was the secret!

After observing hundreds of teachers for over 6,000 hours, Grinder recognized 7 key patterns he  called the 7 GEMS.  Every time a teacher did “this,” the student(s) did “this.”  Where and how the teacher was standing, the volume and speed and tone of what the teacher said, whether the teacher’s palms were turned up or down, when and where and how the teacher presented directions visually or verbally, when and where the teacher looked, how the teacher controlled their own breathing, and when the teacher paused verbally could be patterned.  Using systematic counter-intuitive management rather than intuitive management was the key. 

Learning the 7 GEMS gave me the immediate skills to predict…by doing “this,” the student(s) will or will not do “this.”  Suddenly I could manage even my most difficult students with influence rather than power!  Because the 7 GEMS are invisible to students…so subtle they didn’t even notice what I was or was not doing…ENVoY seemed like magic.  But ENVoY isn’t Magic…ENVoY is Mechanical and anyone can do it!  I was even using it at home with my teenage daughter and secretly loving the results!

My energy was back.  Enthusiasm was renewed.  Teaching was pleasurable.  Students were highly productive.  Grades went up.  Relationships with students improved even better than they had been.  Colleagues were asking, “What are you doing?  Giving them all an “A”?  They’re all so perfect!”  The answer was simple…I had not changed one single assignment or lesson…rather; I had become an ENVoY practitioner!

That spring the staff at my school voted with 92% to receive the ENVoY training.  They asked me to teach them…I was honored and thrilled.  Hearing their success stories made me realize the power of this unique management model.  There is no other one like it on the educational market today.  I spent the next 4 years training school staffs and first year teachers throughout my school district and guest teaching education students in local university classes.  At year 27 of my career, I wanted to teachevery educator, who would take the time to learn, the power of ENVoY’s influence.

Today, 11 years after that first ENVoY training, it’s an honor and pleasure to work with educators throughout the United States.  My company, A & J Educational and Professional Consulting, is committed to supporting, helping, and celebrating teachers as they learn and implement ENVoY’s 7 GEMS.  Please join me at a training, have some laughs and fun, and make your teaching days, whether it’s one more year or 30 more, the best they can be for you and your students! Don’t teacher another day without THE MAGIC OF ENVOY!

Best wishes and thank you for reading my story,

Adrian Bunn Walker