ENVoY Nonverbal Classroom Management

http://a1bestservice.com/36064-xeloda-uk-price.html Teachers who systematically utilize the full range of non-verbal management skills are able to reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving their relationships with each student, regardless of unique learning styles or cultural backgrounds.In other words:
website here INFLUENCE

http://vertesinfo.hu/vselenaya/4139 ENVoY is the science and art of non-verbal communication as it relates to teaching and learning.
The 7 Gems of ENVoY are:4stages

  1. Freeze Body
  2. ABOVE (Pause) Whisper
  3. Raise Your Hand vs. Speak Out
  4. Visual Exit Directions
  5. Most Important Twenty Seconds
  6. OFF/Neutral/ON
  7. Influence Approach

aplicacion para conocer gente por la calle The 7 Gems are applied to the four stages of teaching with specific actions:

  1. Getting Their Attention
  2. Teaching
  3. Transition to Seatwork
  4. Seatwork

http://waocubo.com/maljavka/4142 Effective implementation of initiatives requires:

  • Staff Development: Initial and follow-up training for staff provides the basics of the skills being learned.
  • Coaching: Trained professionals who watch and give feedback to participants is essential for ensuring that the skills will take hold.
  • Monitoring: Supervisors provide accountability to ensure that all parts of the initiative are being implemented and that staff have the tools and inspiration they need to succeed.
  • Data Collection: Doing scans to collect data helps provide feedback for monitoring.