ENVoY Classroom Management Model

http://socialactionnet.com/?fistawka=site-rencontre-beauce-appalache&f9e=f1 Congratulations for introducing the ENVoY model of classroom management to your staff!   Now students K – 12 will benefit from management that is systematic, consistent, influence rather than power driven, and visual rather than verbal.  Using visual management reduces the chances that teachers and managers will become hooked into verbal conflicts and power struggles with students.  Managing students becomes a calm process and productivity increases.

Resources What’s exciting about ENVoY is that it is not the “we train and leave, now you do” model of the past, but rather ENVoY is a professional development  model that offers opportunities for on-going coaching support for mastery and measurable results,  as well as a process for training your own on-site coaches for future sustainability and peer support!

Here’s how it’s done!

Year I – Build the Foundation

  1. Interactive 7 Gems & Refinements training for all staff, Para-professionals, support staff,  and administrators
  2. 2 days preferred (same time, 1 now-1 later, etc.)
  3. Expert ENVoY trainers provided and Classroom Management Manual required
  4. D.  Establish upcoming coaching protocol

 Facilitate Implementation and Outcomes

  1.  Routine coaching and peer visits begin within one month of  7 Gems training.
  2. Trained ENVoY coach observes monthly to assist teachers with job-embedded mastery and skill implementation.
  3. Monthly 7 Gems Peer observations to enhance skill use are encouraged.
  4. ENVoY skills and data updates (discipline referral numbers to date, implementation percentages, etc.) given at faculty or team meetings.

Year II – Create Sustainability

7 Gems Review and Refinement 1 day workshop and ENVoY Coaches’ Lab Week

  1.  Review day of 7 Gems & Refinement
  2. Selected staff members participate in 5 day on-site coaches training.
  3. Remaining building staff signs on to be observed and coached during the lab week.
  4. Certified ENVoY Mentor Lab Coaches and ENVoY Coaching Manuals are provided.
  5. Trained coaches return to building sites to coach monthly or as needed.

Year III - Maintain the Power of Influence!

  1. ENVoY School Certification
  2. A & J work with school ENVoY Coaches to create systems for sustainability and implementation coordinating with building goals and needs.
  3. Data collection

http://waocubo.com/maljavka/211 ***Optional

budecort 400 inhaler price ENVoY Trainer/Facilitator provided Common Spaces & Building Implementation Workshop

http://globecyclette.com/kljaps/2676 AM: Using ENVoY in common spaces (halls, playgrounds, cafeteria, etc.), sharing the culture with visitors, substitutes, and parents, and creating building goals.

sitio de citas rosario PM: Staffs create building action plan for implementation and measurements of effectiveness.   (Some schools enjoy sharing this day with another staff for morning workshop, breaking out for afternoon action plan, and then re-convening with other staff to share plans and ideas.)