Mastering the 7 GEMS with Coaching

Why is coaching needed? Research reveals that we incorporate only 3% of what we learn simply by attending a training, 10% when the trainer models the skill, 40% when we practice and 50% when we practice and share feedback.  The same research shows we incorporate 80% of new learning when we are coached in our professional setting. (Joyce and Showers, view it now Incorporating Training Room Concepts into Daily Habits.);-Underwear-Womens-Hipster-Panties-373684/ A & J are dedicated to the concept of helping staffs master the content and incorporate skills taught in trainings.  A & J recognize the value and essential need for follow up and supportive coaching after initial workshop training.  Therefore, each ENVoY 7 GEMS workshop is preferably contracted with an all-important coaching component built in.

How does Coaching work? ENVoY coaching is a non-threatening and non-evaluative process whereby a trained ENVoY coach visits a teacher’s classroom for 20 to 30 minutes once or twice a month.  During the first half of the visit, the coach watches and records the ENVoY GEMS and other non-verbal and visual management skills the teacher uses, either consciously or unknowingly.

natural awakenings dating During the second half of the visit, the teacher releases students to seatwork and receives immediate feedback from the coach privately at the back of the classroom.  The teacher has a chance to ask questions and get additional ideas and support from the coach.  The written record of observed skills and compliments and suggestions is left with the teacher for his or her future use.

hydrochlorothiazide price in pakistan Negative comments or evaluative statements are never given by the coach.  ENVoY coaches are trained in how to identify non-verbal communication and serve to respect a teacher’s efforts in all cases.  The coach will help the teacher identify the skills they will work on before the next visit from the coach, and all communication between the coach and the teacher is kept confidential.

How will a staff and principal know if ENVoY is working in their building?

At regular intervals during the school year the ENVoY coach may do a scan tally of observable skills.  This data is presented to the staff and principal as a “group” percentage and in no way identifies individual teachers’ use of the 7 GEMS.    This enables staffs to “see” which skills they are using frequently and which ones they may want to pinpoint for future incorporation.

Other data can be collected.  Some schools have used discipline referral numbers comparing monthly and yearly occurrences.  Standardized test scores have been used as well.  When ENVoY is used regularly and consistently, most teachers report they have fewer referrals, more time for content, and more productive seatwork time.  These advantages appear to indirectly help improve test scores in schools that implement ENVoY.  Also, a post-implementation teacher survey provides data about the teacher’s experiences and perceptions after implementing ENVoY.

More obviously, though, is what one will see and hear throughout an ENVoY school!  The classrooms will be calmer, teachers manage respectfully, teacher and student relationships improve, and students are more productive and less dependent on the teacher during seatwork time.  When ENVoY is practiced in the common spaces of the school, there are quiet hallways and visuals posted to help students know the expectations.

Contact A & J today and let us help your school become a place of focused learning where students and staff exhibit calm and respectful behaviors!  We’re waiting to support you!