Research and Data

Informal History of ENVoY
ENVoY is a classroom management system developed by Michael Grinder after observational research in more than 6000 classrooms.  Grinder wanted to find out the nitty-gritty reasons why students learn well and behave well with some teachers and yet those same students are unmanageable with other teachers.  What were the successful teachers doing?   Michael Grinder identified the seven non-verbal techniques used by all of the best teachers, techniques that worked no matter what subject or grade level they were teaching.  That's how he came up with "The Seven Gems of Classroom Management," also known as ENVoY.

Any teacher who learns the Seven Gems and uses them consistently will have more learning going on in their classroom.  And the students will know the teacher cares. 

In other words, ENVoY helps teachers keep good relationships with students while at the same time holding them accountable for their behavior.  It helps teachers do what they went to college to do - that is, teach.  They don't have to be struggling with management problems, sending kids to the office, and going home in a bad mood every day.

How benefits of ENVoY can become part of the school culture
Training alone doesn't cut it.  No matter how good a workshop may be, most teachers forget when they get back to class.  Research shows that the single most important factor in getting new skills to actually be used is... coaching.  Job-embedded coaching guarantees supportive, encouraging, non-threatening skill-building and implementation.

None of it works, though, without the principal's leadership.  The principal's support and high expectations are essential.
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