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ENVoY Nonverbal Classroom Management

The immediate benefits of implementing ENVoY are rewarding to both students and teachers. After initial 7 Gems training, teachers are supported with monthly coaching by ENVoY Certified Coaches who help each teacher adjust and improve their ENVoY skills specifically refined for their individual classrooms, students, and personal styles.

For some teachers, ENVoY is an easy “fit” regarding a teacher’s personal management style of students. For others, ENVoY presents a more challenging style of philosophical “fit”. This is more common with secondary level staff initially; however, once a teacher begins to utilize the Gems and Refinements with accuracy and in a manner comfortable to their own personality, the benefits of ENVoY are recognizable and measurable in student behavior, focus, engagement, and productivity. Positive student-teacher relationships are preserved and data consistently shows discipline incidents within the classroom, and eventually, across the campus, are greatly reduced.

ENVoY Video

Coolidge Unified School District (AZ) administrators and staff discuss their ENVoY district initiative, its benefits, and first year results.  Classroom teachers, K-12, demonstrate some techniques and share their ENVoY experiences. (For more information and data results go to the Research section.)